(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor
(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor
(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor
(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor
(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor
(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor

(WCS-2) Water Content Sensor

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The WCS-2 is part of the next generation of substrate monitoring for temperature, EC, and water content. 

TrolMaster’s WCS-2 Water Content Sensor is specifically designed to measure the water content data (percentage), temperature, and the EC of the grow media in the Aqua-X, Aqua-x Pro, and Hydro-X Pro Control System. 

Each WCS-2 sensor includes a five-prong sensor assembly connected to a LCD communication module (Display Screen & Button). To use the WCS-2, the five prong sensor is inserted into the grow media such as soil or rock wool to be measured. Normally placed horizontally about ⅓ of the way up from the bottom of the grow media container or rockwool block.  You can connect multiple Water Content Sensors (up to 50 WCS-2 on the NFS-2 and HCS-2 controllers, 8 on the NFS-1 controller). The NFS-2 screen will display the value of the 3 parameters (grow medium temperature, moisture level and EC) of each individual sensor.   

When using TrolMaster’s free TM+ app, you can see the water content %, temperature, and EC of the grow media on your Smartphone. You can view historical data graphs on the app and also receive notifications if the WCS-2 readings exceeds your highest or lowest alarm settings.

* The WCS-2 can only be used with the Aqua-X / Aqua-X Pro and the Hydro-X Pro



  • LCD Display, easy operation
  • Addressing button
  • Real-time measuring of water Content, temperature & EC of growing medium
  • Alarm and mobile notification when setpoint exceeded




Absolute Maximum Ratings

 Supply Voltage : 10.8-13.2 volts
Input Current : 100-200 mA
Operating Current : 140 typical mA (supply voltage=12V)
Operating Temperature : 32°-122°F
Storage Temperature : 0°-140°F
Humidity : ≤90% 
Packaging Dimensions:  275mm(L) x 164mm(W) x 65mm(H)


Measurement Details

Water Content (WC)
Range : 0 - 10%
Resolution : 1 %
Accuracy : -2 - +2 %
Range : 0°-122°F
Resolution : 0.1°F
Accuracy : -1° - +1°F
Electrical Conductivity (EC)
Range : 0 - 5 mS/cm
Resolution : 0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy : -0.2 - +0.2 mS/cm



Package Contents

  • 1 x Water Content Sensor
  • 1 x RJ12 T-Splitter
  • 1 x 16ft RJ12 Cable


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