How does water evaporate from leaves?

01 Water vapor diffuses out of the stomata.
02 Water evaporates from Mesophyll cell walls.
03 Tension pulls water from the veins into the apoplast of the mesophyll cells.
04 Tension pulls the water column upward and outward in the xylem of veins in the leaves.
05 Tension pulls the water column upward in the xylem of the root and stem.
06 Water molecules form a cohesive column from the roots to the leaves.
07 Water moves into the stele by osmosis.


Great post by @odetothetree This transpiration illustration pretty much shows the workings of water evaporating from the leaf , now in Veg with hotter temperatures this happens super aggressively because the plant has to cool itself down, and as a by-product it sucks up more water up, which has nutrients and once again as a by-product it grows fast and thick leaving a great infrastructure for the plant to feed itself in its later weeks feeding the flowers up top.