For both Hydro-X and Hydro-X Pro

(MBS-SD) Smoke Detector for Hydro-X
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Smoke detector

The smoke detector (MBS-SD) can detect and alert the user when there is presence of smoke in the growing area to prevent a fire from happening, especially when HID grow lights are used.

(WD-2) Water Detector for Hydro-X System
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Water detector

The water detector (WD-2) is used to detect water leaks or water on the floor of the facility. Just place the detector at floor level or anywhere you would like to watch out for water leaks. Up to 5 WD-2 can be connected to a Hydro-X controller. If any of the sensors detects a water leak, the unit will send a user-alert to notify you of a water leak.

(MBS-PAR) Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor
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Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor

The full spectrum quantum sensor (MBS-PAR) provides you accurate and cost-effective measurement of “PAR” (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), from all light sources used to grow plants. You can select the amount of the light you want the plants to have, and the PPFD sensor will automatically increase or decrease the output level of your supplemental lighting systems to continuously maintain the exact lighting level (in terms of PPFD) you have selected. This makes it very easy for greenhouse operators using supplemental lighting and natural lighting to maintain a steady lighting level.

For Hydro-X only.

(MBS-S8) CO2 Sensor for Hydro-X
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CO2 Sensor

CO2 sensor (MBS-S8) can be used in combination with one or more DSC-1 CO2 device modules to measure CO2 level within the area, then connect and control their supplemental CO2 system using the Hydro-X.

(MBS-TH) Replacement Part 3-in-1 Temp/Humid/Light Sensor for Hydro-X

3-In-1 Sensor (Temp/Humidity/Light)

3-in-1 sensor (MBS-TH) is a tool you can use to sense the temperature, humidity, and the presence of light, then the Hydro-x will measure the air temperature and relative humidity levels as well as determine whether it is “Day or night”. You can buy it as a replacement or spare part as the main controller comes with a sensor already.

For Hydro-X Pro only

(MBS-PRO) Temp/Humid/CO2/Light 4-in-1 Environmental Sensor for Hydro-X Pro and Hydro-X Plus
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4-In-1 Sensor (Temp/Humidity/CO2/Photocell)

The 4-in-1 Sensor (MBS-PRO) is specifically designed for the Hydro-X Pro. It can precisely detect air temperature, humidity, CO2 (PPM) and photocell level of the growing area. Up to 50 sensors can be connected to the Hydro-X Pro (requires the SPH-1 for supplemental power) you may place them in different locations at the growing area to get spot measurements from multiple sensors. The sensors can then be used together to get an average of the measurements or separately to control a specific section of the grow area by assigning a sensor to a specific control device.

*All sensors, except for the water detector (WD-2) must remain dry and clean to prevent premature failure. No foreign substances or water / condensate should be sprayed or allowed on the sensors

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