Misc Control

CO2 Device Station (DSC-2E)

The DSC-2E CO2 device station is designed to connect with any standard supplemental CO2 gas tank/burner for injection control, along with another device station for CO2 exhaust control with the Hydro-X controller. The CO2 sensor has to be used along with the CO2 device station. The fuzzy-logic option is also available for compressed CO2, by repeat-firing a small amount of CO2 for higher stability reading.

(DSP-2) 240V Hydro-X Program Device Station
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Program Device Station (DSP-2E)

The DSP-2E program device station is basically a timing module, to set up a schedule for any kind of plug-in electronics on/off with the Hydro-X controller.

(DSD-1) Dry Contact Station for Hydro-X system
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Dry Contact Station (DSD-1)

This dry contact station outlet is programmable and can be addressed as a temperature module, a humidity module, a CO2 module or a programmable timer module and repurposed anytime. Instead of having a receptacle to connect to, it has a small three-position terminal block to hard-wire control wires to.

(4RS-1) Expander Station 4
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Expander Station 4 (4RS-1)

Expander Station 4 (4RS-1) a universal 4 outlet expander station with trigger cable for multiple devices control. It has an individual power relay, 3 seconds intervals as time delay for reducing start up surges and allows up to 4 devices to be safely controlled. It can be used with any of TrolMaster’s “plug-in” style device modules to expand the number of devices that can be controlled by the Hydro-x, and must be installed with a 120/240 volt power circuit.

(DCC-1) Dual Condition Adapter
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Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)

The DCC-1 dual condition adaptor is designed for Hydro-X only, it's an optional add-on that the Hydro-X Pro has already build-in. The only purpose of the DCC-1 is to offer control for an extra environmental condition. Let's say you have an exhaust fan connected to a humidity device station, it can only be turned on when the humidity gets over your set point. With DCC-1, the fan can also be turned on when either your temperature/CO2 level gets too high. It's designed to be used along with any Trolmaster's plug-in-style modules.

(TSH-1) Temperature / Humidity Station
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Temperature / Humidity Station (TSH-1)

Temperature / Humidity Station(TSH-1) can be configured to control either a temperature or a humidity device that requires a variable 0-10 volt input signal. It can control variable speed fans, vents or any other device and be used with Hydro-X and Hydro-X Pro controllers. It features separate day and night “idle” speed settings built-into the TSH-1 as well as separate Day / Night setpoints that could be accessed through the controller.

(DSV-1) Low-Volt Station
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Low-Volt Station (DSV-1)

Low-Volt Station(DSV-1) is a low-voltage output module that can be addressed to be used as a temperature, humidity, CO2, or timer device module. It can be used with the HCS controllers and you can directly connect low voltage devices such as solenoids, valves, audio visual alarms or any other device that requires 12 to 24 volt AC or DC power to operate.