Hydro-X & Hydro-X Pro

Key functions shared by HCS-1 & 2

Separate Day-Night settings

Control lights using PPFD/PAR meter

Control commercial dehumidifiers

Control HVAC and mini-split air conditioners

Control commercial humidifiers

Control supplemental CO2

Control 2 separate lighting channels

Control timed devices

Remote monitoring using free App

Differences between HCS-1 & 2

HCS-2 Advanced Unique Functions

Touch Sceen interface

Calendar control presets

Set reminders on the calendar

Monitors media moisture level

Can assign sensors to specific devices

Save - Copy - Import / Export data

Customizable device module settings

Commercial 4-in- one sensor

DLI control and monitoring

Web-based software

Group control (Up to10 groups) for ThinkGrow LEDs