Stop Using Contaminated Hose

Indoors or Outdoors, if you are watering your plants with a conventional hose you are feeding them nasty crappy water that may contain LEAD. 

I scrolled through these crazy Organic dudes pages that preach all day about organic this and that, just to watch them FEED THROUGH A NON-POTABLE WATER HOSE LINED WITH RUBBER WITH CONTAINS LEAD AND LEFT IT SITTING ON THE GROUND COOKING IN THAT SUMMER 100°+ HEAT RELEASING TOXINS. (Please never do that.)

Same thing could be said for these big indoor facilities that spend thousands of dollars on Hydrologic R.O. equipment and filters just to transfer water or feed into tanks with rubber lined hoses.

At this day and age with branding being so important, don't be left holding a rubber hose in your pictures...

These facilities just got upgraded to clean hoses.

Home Depot has cheap ones that I would NOT recommend, they kink a lot and have a small I.D. Go to an R.V. Store and purchase yourself some Nice Non-lead lined water hoses for your ladies.

I’ve worked in construction for many years and we never let a greenhorn fill the water cooler in the morning, it would come back tasting like a rubber hose.