Keep Contacts WATER-RESISTANT and your equipment away from WATER

Only a few things can explain this up here, and they are all bad, none of these are normal wear and tear or even normal in a grow room of up to %80 humidity. 

This is total disregard for equipment, you are either spraying it, there was a leak, pipe rupture, and in this case... the equipment was mounted on a NON- insulated wall in a basement in Oregon. When it’s winter in Oregon, it gets below freezing. To those trying to run hot VPD early in Flower in a Poorly insulated facility in a cold climate place... YOUR walls are going to sweat like crazy, those puddles of water on the perimeter of your grow aren't helping you, neither is the water dripping down on the controller you mounted on that wall. No Warranty Applies to abuse. I've heard of people using dielectric grease to keep contacts water resistant.

Lastly if you call tech support on a Tuesday and tell them your Hydro-X humidity is blank and you don't know what happened. They can tell what happened. Tech support can go in the backend and see Humidity spikes on Tuesdays and Fridays for the last 3 months. That confirms to them the sensors got sprayed AGAIN.....