REVOLUTIONARY PULLEY SYSTEM - ThinkGrowSmart Light Lifter System

Are you still looking for a simple way to raise and lower your LEDs to maximize light efficiency? ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System is going to solve your age-old problem.

This ETL-certified System is engineered to be a modular design and consists of a Smart Light Lifter (LLT-1) and a Smart Lifter Remote (LRC-1). We can’t wait to show you how it goes beyond the user customization that traditional pulley systems provide:

  1. Its modular design allows multiple lifters to be synchronized together by daisy-chaining them. This means users have great flexibility on both weight-bearing requirements and lighting layout by simply changing the number of modular lifting units.
  2. The cutting-edge modular design of the LLT-1 lifter is ETL listed and enables two-person installation, it reduces assembly time and installation manpower without compromising quality or safety.
  3. The LRC-1 is designed to be used with the LLT-1. Its plug & play feature enables users to easily install and operate the light lifter(s) from a distance, and program the maximum and minimum lifting range limit. 

The System can also connect to the Hydro-X Pro System for smart features, enabling users to control and program synchronized operations on multiple lifters from a single controller.

  1. Lifter-group Control: Users can conveniently control each individual lifter group or all groups together and precisely raise and lower the multiple fixtures in each lifter group with ease.
  2. Scheduled Auto-lifting: Users can easily raise the LEDs and adjust the lifting schedules according to their needs on the controller. The ideal distance between the LED lights and the plant canopy will be maintained automatically as the plants grow taller.
  3. The Spray Mode: Users can set up a simple subroutine and adjust the LEDs to a custom height level to protect the fixtures from being sprayed, mitigating the risk of human error in operation.


ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System

 Uplifting Pleasant Planting Yields With Ease