Keep the broad mites away from your facility.

Just to show you how EASY anyone can carry pests into your facility...

Take a look at exhibit A here .

This is a white fly being scanned by electron micrograph (Super Intense Microscope), it is showing you it's hitchhikers, those tiny microscopic BROAD MITES are one of the most destructive bugs you will ever encounter.

BROAD MITES, they defecate on your plants poisoning them to death, then cause the worst case of necrosis like symptoms on the cannabis plant. These little insects are incredible, from what I remember reading 5 years ago they have a very short life span but in that short life all they do is lay tons of eggs as soon as 2 days after being hatched, to make matters worse they can self impregnate themselves if no males are born in that set of eggs. These things almost put me out of business two summers in a row.


Take a look at that picture again. How clean are you?

Know The Rules

  • No Dogs.
  • No Friend From Other Grows Unless Showered and Fresh.
  • Take A Shower, Change Clothes, and Clean Your Cloth Seats Before Entering The Room If You’ve Been To The Pesticide Section Of A Hydroshop

*The worst section at Hydroshop is the pesticide section, because anyone around that section has a problem.*