(4RS-2) Device Station Kit
(4RS-2) Device Station Kit
(4RS-2) Device Station Kit
(4RS-2) Device Station Kit

(4RS-2) Device Station Kit

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The Trolmaster's Device Station Kit is a universal 4-outlet device module kit that can be directly connected to the Tent-X controller through RJ 12 cables. It takes up 4 device modules from the controller and comes with 4 outputs that are defaulted from left to right, including DSTx1, DSHx1, and DSPx2. The power cable is directly connected to the socket, making installation quick and easy. With a total amperage of 15A, users can power multiple devices at once, each output capable of providing up to 15A.



  • Take up 4 Device Modules from Controller
  • Max 15A for each Output
  • Power Multiple Modules at Once
  • Quick and Easy Installation


Main Power Voltage : 

Max Relay Amperage : 

Working Temperature : 

Working  Humidity : 

Package Dimensions : 

100~240VAC, 50/60Hz



90% or Below

275mm x 255mm x 95mm

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